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P2P on steroids - Meet Surge

Surge is a p2p filesharing app designed to utilize blockchain technologies to enable 100% anonymous file transfers. Surge is end-to-end encrypted, decentralized and open source.

Built with solid bricks

Surge is built with the latest and coolest tech out there. We're using Golang as our backend, vue.js & wails for our beautiful frontend and the NKN blockchain for all transactions. All our code is open source for everybody available on github.

100% decentralized

We don't like centralized systems. That's why we built surge completely decentralized. No downtime, no maintenances.

100% secure

All transactions are not only end-2-end encrypted, every relay in a transaction is encrypted - that makes them impossible to intercept.

100% anonymous

No client is able to determine which file is shared. File transfers are only sent from ID to ID - without any IP involved.

Soon with all features you would expect from a p2p app

We know it is hard to find a new "best tool" for your use case. That's why we want to add all features to surge you would expect from a regular p2p client.

  • Easy adding and managing your file library
  • Support for own surge:// magnet link format (soon)

Missing a feature? Let us know!

We want to disrupt the way you share files. We believe that decentralized and anonymous solutions pave the way for web 3.0. So please let us your thoughts and help us making our vision come true.

Raise a github issue

What are you waiting for?

Download Surge right now and share your files anonymous, safe and fast. Join us and become part of web 3.0