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Version 1.1.1-beta - 6th January 2023Latest Version
  • Change : updated Wails to v2.3.1
  • Change : added more information to unsubscribe modal.
  • Improvement : NSIS installer files added
  • Bugfix : error message now doesn't fire if wallet has no balance
Version 1.1.0-beta - 8th October 2022
  • Change : updated Wails to v2
  • Change : added wallet features such as paying for subscribe transactions during on-chain congestion and voluntary tip feature to reward your favourite file seeders
  • Change : topics now have visible states so when something is not properly subscribed this is now visible and you can act upon for example by resubscribing
  • Improvement : improved timeouts and reconnecting to make sharing much more responsive
  • Improvement : added smarter management of topic subscriptions for vastly cheaper fees when the network requires it
  • Improvement : logs have been refactored and are now much more informative
  • Improvement : graceful shutdown for various bug states
  • Bugfix : many bug fixes throughout from both internal and community test reports
Version 1.0.0-beta - 23rd January 2022
  • Change : Complete rewrite of the Surge backend
  • Change : Updated Wails to the latest beta
Version 0.3.2-beta - 16th January 2021
  • Change : moved to own wails version for debugging
  • Bugfix : fixed a crash because of concurrent read/write in bandwidth maps
  • Bugfix : patch for a fatal issue in webview to improve runtime stability
Version 0.3.1-beta - 09th January 2021
  • Change : updated to wails 1.11
  • Bugfix : fixed sorting on files by name
  • Bugfix : fixed fatal error caused by concurrent map read/write
  • Bugfix : fixed download speed not updating for multiple files at once
  • Improvement : improved event-structure frontend rendering
  • Improvement : removed a handled error from frontend toaster
  • Improvement : optimized file bandwidth events
Version 0.3.0-beta - 04th January 2021
  • Feature : dynamic window size
  • Feature : implementation of the Surge Session Manager
  • Feature : local files are now searchable
  • Feature : you can now copy a local file's filehash
  • Feature : added share ratio indicator
  • Change : moved surge download folder on linux to ~/surge-downloads
  • Bugfix : fixed tour only showing for some seconds on new installations
  • Bugfix : fixed adding .zip files on windows
  • Bugfix : don't recheck download finish in concurrent sessions (prevents dupe notifications)
  • Bugfix : handle clients unsubscribes (no more ghost connections and files where seeders are offline)
  • Improvement : added log rotating and limited logfile size
  • Improvement : internet connectivity handling during runtime
Version 0.2.1-beta - 15th December 2020
  • Change : initiate subscription only when there are files listed locally
  • Change : change subscription time to 60 min
  • Change : change resubscription time to every 60 min
  • Change : you can now order file listings by seeds and size
  • Change : searching does now also work with file hashes
  • Bugfix : fixed file open dialog caused the app to crash on Linux systems
  • Bugfix : fixed search function in macOS and Linux versions
  • Bugfix : fixed tour not showing on first launch
  • Bugfix : fixed that Windows installer can be run in user-context
  • Bugfix : fixed files not deleting from surge when they are already deleted on disk
  • Bugfix : fixed download folder issues on windows when folder is not the default one
  • Bugfix : allow downloads with no active seeders to start watchers for auto start on new connections
  • Bugfix : fixed marking file as download on startup if it wasnt marked last session but has all chunks
  • Bugfix : fixed duplicate seeder listings for files
  • Bugfix : fixed files listed with zero seeders
  • Improvement : improved file completion logic
  • Improvement : drastically improved network discovery time
  • Improvement : display files right after they are added to surge - hashing now done in background
  • Improvement : click to copy filehash to clipboard
Version 0.2.0-beta - 7th December 2020
  • Public beta
Version 0.1.0-alpha - 28th August 2020
  • Closed alpha