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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Surge?

Surge is a P2P sharing app that aims to build a proof of concept that file sharing can be done 100% anonymous, decentralized and secure.

Surge uses the NKN blockchain network for all communications. That includes data transmission as well as announcing file listings.

Surge uses a custom built data transmission protocol based on the NKN blockchain network. This allows us to completely avoid the use of a direct TCP/IP connection between the recipient and sender - that way we can guarantee that neither the sender, nor the receiver nor anybody else can see from where a file is coming from and where it is being delivered to. The additional added hop-2-hop encryption makes it impossible to intercept any data transmission.

We are a team of 3 free time developers who wanted to disrupt P2P filesharing. We are based in Belarus, Germany and the Netherlands.

Technical Questions

What stack is Surge built on ?

Our logic (aka backend) is built in golang - a fast and future proof programming language established by Google. The UI is built with vue.js. All gets tied together by the outstanding Wails Framework.

Microsoft and Apple does only allow auto-updating apps when you got a valid developer certificate which - of course - costs a big load of money for a project that doesn't generate revenue. Nevertheless we will think about adding auto-updating in later versions.

Very fast. As other P2P protocols Surge uses chunk downloading. Meaning: each chunk of a file can be downloaded from any source that seeds it. The more seeder a file has the faster your download is.

We often hang out in the NKN Discord channel - it makes it easy for us to communicate fast and effective.

Support Questions

How can I support you?

You can support us in multiple ways:

  • Test our app and create bug reports on our Github repository

  • Tell your friends and family about Surge and help us build a solid network!

Currently we don't want you to send us donations in any way. After we created a fully featured product we will think about that.

Easy as this: create bug reports on our Github repository

Found a bug?

Then head up to github and submit an issue.